A 6 or 13 day Trip offering a fast track to longer XC flights

Our XC trips are primarily designed for pilots already achieving flights in the range of 20 - 30k wishing to increase their range of skills, distances flown and their understanding of often damanding alpine conditions. We normally fly from the Chabre at Laragne, one of the most reliable launch points in the area but also use St Andre, St Vincent and other suitable sites depending on conditions. Often we visit Chamonix for some high mountain flying depending on the experience of the group and prevailing weather conditions. We try to give clients experience of a number of sites during their stay

Flying, Flying and more Flying. This is an XC holiday and as you would expect we fly every day. Morning briefing outlines the day's possibilities and discusses interactively the methods of achieving the goals set. We make full use of the available technology - CompGPS and Google Earth are used to brief and de-brief flights and to examine in close detail decisions made during thermalling and XC flights. We fly with you, not always taking the lead as we want you to learn to make decisions and find thermals. You won't always get it right but this is an important part of the learning process. The trip is tailored to suit individual clients but as a general guide we cover the following.

Equipment and preparation
Thermalling - basic and advanced
How to find and use thermals effectively
Finding 2nd and 3rd thermals
Speed to fly - distance/triangles
Rapid descent/instability
Strategy for distance flying
More on rough air/active flying
GPS and on the "hoof" navigation

Though we cover the theory fully in pre flight briefings, this is very much a practical trip and we aim to fly in the range of 30 - 80k XC each day. This is suitable for CP/Pilot or ParaPro 3 plus rated pilots with minimum 30h and some thermalling and XC experience.

XC Paragliding Price List

XC Holiday (A full 6 days*) £785.00 inc self catering accommodation (shared basis).

XC Holiday (A full 6 days*) £590.00 inc budget camping accommodation.

XC Holiday (13 days**) £1175.00 inc self catering accommodation (shared basis).

XC Holiday (13 days**) £935.00 inc budget camping accommodation.

*Many operators offer just 5 day trips compared to our 6 days - compare like with like before deciding

** The middle Saturday is a non flying changeover day.

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You can fly over glaciers and snowfields

It is nice to fly in a spectacular environment. Here in the Alpes de Haute Provence the spectacular is all around - We can reach snowfields and a glacial environment within a few hours flight time from our normal take off area. Get as serious as you want.

Paragliding flight

Always further

The site record here is 296k so there are plenty of challenges to spur you to greater achievment. Get high and fly distance where the cloudbase is frequently over 4000m. The French national centres for both gliding and paragliding are both in this area and for good reason. Reliability of flying conditions.




Are you ready for bigger challenges?

Once you are confident flying longer XC's you might want to fly further afield. We operate regular flying trips to South Africa, Nepal Himalayas and Kyrgyzstans Celestial Mountains. It takes a different set of skills to fly safely in a high mountain environment and these skills can only be learned through experience. We can help you gain the level of competance you need and give you a great trip in to the bargain - We provide all the infrastructure of the big trip leaving you free to just enjoy the experience.


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