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BHPA training courses in France from one of the longest established schools.

In a nutshell - overseas paragliding courses & holidays abroad, Beginner, EP, and CP completion courses through to Alpine Thermalling and XC in a warm, sunny and friendly environment. Accommodation, B & B, Self Catering, Camping and Transport Logistics for visiting pilots.

Alpine Paragliding Centre, Provence, offer Paragliding courses through its attached school. BHPA School Adventure Parapente Extrem C144, is one of the UK's leading BHPA Paragliding Schools and offers Alpine paragliding courses based in the sunny Alpes de Haute Provence - manned by British Senior Instructors with years of alpine paragliding experience. We are the longest established British overseas operator and the school, established in 1988, is highly respected both at home and in Europe as a centre of training excellence and for its unsurpassed safety record. Not all schools are equal and training with a locally (France) based school with local site knowledge and experience will allow you to get the most from your course or holiday in a safe, understanding environment.

CFI Terry Stubbs

CFI Terry has been flying paragliders since 1988, he pioneered Himalayan flying in the 1990's and has operated regular trips to the Everest region since then. Bear Grylls and Discovery Channel chose Alpine Paragliding Centre to provide the advanced Paragliding training to the team for their program "Mission Everest" - Terry was invited to join the team for the epic flight and the eventual success of the expedition was in no small part due to his local knowledge and expertise.

Discovery Mission Everest

Alpine Paragliding are leaders in the field and their thirst for new and interesting places to fly has led them to Mexico, Equador, Kyrgrzstan, Morocco, Norway, Tibet and South Africa as well as most of the European flying areas. Our flying and teaching experience is wide ranging and deep. We probably qualify more CPs than any other school because of the normally excellent conditions found here in the sunny south of France. Several CPs have flown 30 km or more as their first ever XC from Laragne and more experienced pilots have flown over 100 km whilst on courses. You can too but if you dont go you'll never know.

Almost any time is good! We spend much of the year here so you can visit between end of January and October. Even in winter no other region in Europe can offer such great paragliding potential.



Paragliding course

Promoting Safe Adventurous Paragliding.

In addition to our normal school activities we have been operating inovative adventure flying trips since 1990. We have flown some of the world's greatest mountains and ranges from Everest to Aconcagua, Tibet to the Tien Shan. Our base in the French Alps is however our favourite flying area with its huge XC potential and lovely alpine meadows for less experienced pilots and beginners.


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