Thermalling and basic XC

A 6 or 13 day trip for post CP Pilots offering a fast track to thermalling and XC flying

Many CP Pilots find great difficulty in gaining airtime and in mastering the skills needed to make those first climbs up to cloudbase. In Britain it is often very difficult to find conditions suitable for thermal flying so getting those first few XC's can take a long time. In the Alpes de Haute Provence thermic conditions are the norm for much of the year so gaining that hard to find experience can easily be acheived with the help of experienced Alpine instructors who fly thermals almost every day.

We make full use of the available technology as teaching aids - CompGPS and Google Earth are used to brief and de-brief flights and to examine in close detail decisions made during thermalling and XC flights.

Again this is a practical trip packed with flying. We aim to fly thermals every day and to work with you towards achieving some small 10 - 30k XC flights whilst under full radio guidance from ground and air as required. We try to tailor the trip to suit each clients specific requirements but as a guide we include the following.

Thermal soaring techniques, thermal sources and triggers, efficient thermal flying, finding that 2nd thermal, speed to fly, coping with rough air etc.

Thermalling Paragliding Trip Price List

Thermalling (A full 6 days*) £785.00 inc self catering accommodation (shared basis).

Thermalling (A full 6 days*) £590.00 inc budget camping accommodation.

Thermalling (13 days**) £1175.00 inc self catering accommodation (shared basis).

Thermalling (13 days**) £935.00 inc budget camping accommodation.

*Many operators offer just 5 day trips compared to our 6 days - compare like with like before deciding

** The middle Saturday is a non flying changeover day.

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Our mountains are nothing if not spectacular

Whether you are flying 20k or 120k it is nice to fly in a spectacular environment. In the Alpes de Haute Provence the spectacular is all around, that together with the availability of nice safe landing areas makes this area a must visit place to fly XC.

Paragliding flight

Going higher, going further

The transition from short XC flights to 100k plus is easily achieved with the right guidance and support and importantly being in the right area. This area is one of the best in the world to expand your flight experience, get high and fly distance.




Flying further and higher is the way forward.

Learning to thermal is the first step in your ongoing pilot development - this can be easily achieved once the CP is completed. To move from smaller 20 to 40k flights onto paragliding flights of 100k plus is many Pilots aim. To achieve this goal requires motivation, experience and flying ability all of which we can bring out from within you. You can go it alone but doesn't it make sense to fast track your personal development in a structured environment that is more likely to give you the results you want in a shorter timeframe?


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