South Africa

Paragliding trip to Wilderness, South Africa

South Africa's spectacular Garden Route is probably best known for the flying site at Wilderness. There are however several other equally well known local sites that offer pilots the opportunity to build their hours in an area of outstanding beauty. Most of the local sites are overlooking the Indian Ocean, frequently using beach landing options after your flight is completed.

So what is this trip all about? Airtime is the word and lots of it. January in South Africa is their peak flying season with normally excellent flying conditions. You can expect the temperature to be well over 35 degrees on the coast and loads hotter inland. We will be flying the main coastal flying sites of Wilderness and Sedgefield as well as some of the excellent smaller soaring sites that border the coast from George to Knysna.

So what's included? Transportation from Cape Town to the Wilderness, we pick you up and drop you off after your holiday. Accommodation in the Wilderness area for the duration of the trip. Daily transport and retrieves at the flying sites we use.

What's not included? Flights to SA and your Visa which in normally obtained at the airport on arrival. We don't provide food as groups normally prefer to choose on a daily basis where/what they want to eat. Food is very cheap compared to UK prices and a steak dinner for example will cost 8 to 9 Pounds.

Paragliding Wilderness


Additional individual costs are SAHPA Temporary Membership at about £20 again obtained locally on arrival. Some sites have small site fees in place again normally inexpensive but not included.

Dates - 27th January - 6th February 2020

Price - £745.00

Pilot level - Suitable for Club Pilot or ParaPro 3 level upward

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Flying south Africa

The Sites

Map of Africa - Short grass and plenty of room makes for a relaxed atmosphere with great soaring.

Sedgefield - Large grassy take off area, top landable with large landing field options. Thermic and sometimes dynamic in sea breeze.

Paradise Ridge - Using Jacques take off - sandy with mat, normally top or beach landing - fabulous ridge run for 14k.

Kleinkrantz - Grassy take off area with top or beach landing - Soaring the coastal escarpement with great ocean veiws.

Gerrickes Point - Steepish take off with great soaring potential - spactacular place to fly.

Just a few of the main local sites.