Paragliding nepal

Hour building trip to Pokhara, Nepal - Winter flying at its best

Post CP, ParaPro 3 or equivalent level, hour building trip. 12 day paragliding holiday course designed to allow pilots to pile on hours of airtime when it is winter in Europe. Pokhara is well known as a destination of choice for those wanting to escape the European winter blues. The flying in Nepal is always spectacular with great views of the Himalaya had while soaring above the beautiful lake and laid back town of Pokhara.

After a brief stay in Kathmandu, a 30 minute flight to Pokhara takes us to our venue for the 13 day trip. Our hotel, we normally use the Green Tara, is quiet and comfortable and close to the action. Nightlife in Pokhara is well known so apres vol is well catered for. Each day we expect to get 2 or 3 long soaring flights in conditions that are perfect for building up your hours. The flying is generally relaxed with gentle thermals that carry you above the easy take offs. Once your flight is over it is only a short ride back up to take off again.


As you would expect we will provide any help and guidance needed and be happy to complete tasks toward higher Pilot ratings.

Paragliding nepal

The flying

Easy take off areas, gentle regular thermals, medium high cloudbases and very, very reliable weather - that sums up Pokhara. Reliability is close to 100 percent and that is the real reason people come here though the views are great and the apres fly good and cheap - this place is all about flying.

What is included

We include just about everything except your international flights to and from Kathmandu Nepal. Specifically we include hotel in Kathmandu, hotel in Pokhara on a bed and breakfast basis, internal flights to and from Pokhara, daily transportation to take off areas, site guiding/instruction help and assistance as much as you need to enable you to get the most from your trip.

Trips Cost


*Our trips no longer include international flights as our client base is worldwide and there is ready availability of low cost flights on the internet.

Trip dates

November 2020 dates to be confirmed


This trip is for ParaPro 3, UK CP Pilots, equivalent or above. We can offer pre trip training if required at our flying centre in France.




Paragliding nepal

Getting your hours up

Once you have achieved your ParaPro 3 or CP qualification you will want to do as much flying as you possibly can. Getting the hours up so that you can move on to higher ratings is important so that you can then fly XC. Winter in Europe is not great for flying normally but Nepal is not only reliable but also a very popular destination for off season flying.