CP Completion Course

A 6 day BHPA Club Pilot Course allowing the student to rapidly progress through the pilot rating system.

Why not avoid the frustration of bad weather delays, crowded sites and schools with a huge backlog of students by taking a short flight to sunny France. We offer BHPA CP completion courses here at La Motte du Caire, in the Alpes de Haute Provence, France, where the sun shines most of the time. Once you have completed all the required tasks you can sit your CP exam on the spot and return home a qualified CP Pilot.

This course is all about airtime. We fly every day building up the hours and experience you need to fly safely with other pilots. Our sites are not crowded and are perfect for soaring and completing all the manoeuvres needed including your ground handling, deflations, spot landings, slow flying and the optional top and slope landings. We expect you to study each evening for about 30 minutes in order to grasp the theory needed to pass the CP exam once all your tasks are completed. We aim to give you experience of 3 different sites during your stay to give a better understanding of flying conditions as they vary from place to place.

We use radio communications to facilitate "realtime" instruction and video for briefing and debriefing students as needed - you can even take a video copy home with you if you wish.


Once you have completed the tasks and made it to CP level we continue flying with any remaining time, to ensure that you gain as much airtime as possible during your stay with us. An average EP pilot, in a week might normally expect to get about 8 - 15 hours of soaring, depending, of course upon the individual pilots ability and the prevailing conditions. How long will it take for you to get that much soaring in the UK?

Once you have completed this course you can come back to us, learn thermalling and work towards gaining the hours needed for Pilot rating.


Beginner EP to CP Paragliding Course Price List

EP to CP course (A full 6 days*) £525.00 inc equipment hire

Full Beginner to CP combined course (13 days**) £845.00 inc equipment hire

Or if you already have your own equipment:

EP to CP course (A full 6 days*) £460.00 using own equipment

Full Beginner to CP combined course (13 days**) £725.00 using own equipment

*Many schools offer just 5 day courses compared to our 6 days - compare like with like before deciding

** The middle Saturday is a non flying changeover day.

*** Check out our special course with equipment purchase offer - Here ***


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Our top landing sites are large and safe.

When you are completeing your CP course, top landings can be a bit daunting for many pilots. We have some excellent top landing sites that are both large and safe for this task to be completed with confidence.

Paragliding flight

Moving onwards and upwards

Once the Club Pilot tasks are completed and a few hours are gained most pilots want to reach cloudbase and fly thermals. If there is a better place to learn to fly thermals and go XC I have yet to find it. This area is one of the best in the world to expand your flight experience, get high and fly distance.




Learning to thermal is the next step.

Learning to thermal is the next step in your pilot development - this can be easily achieved once the CP is completed. We offer regular thermalling courses which take our students through the often daunting post CP period. You can learn to thermal in the UK but good thermalling days are often few and far between. Doesn't it make more sense to learn in Alpine France where thermalling conditions are the norm and the weather is much more favourable?