Learning to Fly

A 6 day Basic Pilot Training allowing you to achieve the first low level flights and on to higher, more complex flightplans

All countries have a slightly different Pilot Rating System, the one common denominator is the FAI ParaPro system which is known and understood across International boundries. As our clientbase is truly international, we use the ParaPro system as it normally enables clients to fit into their home system on completion of the Para Pro tasks with a minimum of red tape. We provide our international clients with complete documentation of flights achieved and tasks completed to facilitate this.

One of the main problems facing would-be pilots trying to get through to ParaPro 3 (BHPA Club Pilot) level, the level at which you can fly unsupervised in most countries, is the Northern European weather. It can often reduce progress to a frustrating snails pace. Alpine Paragliding Centre, offer a solution to the weather problem, with our unique overseas paragliding training package. You can take your skills level from beginner past ParaPro 2 and onto ParaPro 3 (BHPA CP level) and beyond with us on one of our regular trips in the South of France, where the sun shines most of the time.

The first stage of your paragliding training is completed on a lovely sloping alpine meadow which enables you to work progressively higher up the slope as your ability and confidence grow. Your first flights will be only about 1m or so above the ground but by the end of the course you can expect to be completing flights up to 2-300m. There is some theory which is broken into 30 minute segments throughout, but the course is very practical and the aim is to get you as much flying as possible. Your training will take you from the basic theory of flight through to the completion of the flights necessary to reach the ParaPro 2 level. You can normally expect this stage of your training to take about 3 - 5 days. If you are only with us for a week that usually leaves time for continuation flight training towards ParaPro 3 (CP) level. If you are with us for 2 weeks we can normally complete the full ParaPro 3 tasks as well..

Level 3 Continuation Week

This paragliding ParaPro level 3 (BHPA CP level) Completion normally follows on from, but can be completed at a different time to the basic training. (Many clients find it most cost effective to complete the whole Level 3 training in one visit). You can expect to progress rapidly here due to a combination of normally ideal flying weather and an average student/instructor ratio of 4:1. The training package is completed utilising real-time radio control techniques and video debriefing is used as required. This trip is all about getting airtime and completing the tasks required to meet licence requirements. We fly every day weather permitting and expect you to study at least 30 minutes each evening - not interfering with your visit to the local bar but enough that you get a grasp of the theory needed to pass the exam. You can normally expect to return to your home after the trip having completed all the tasks required for licencing by your home countries association. This stage of your training will normally take an additional 6 days depending to a great extent on the ability of the student.

Price List

Beginner to Level 2 (A full 6 days*) £525.00 inc equipment hire

Full Beginner to ParaPro 3 combined course (13 days**) £845.00 inc equipment hire

Or if you already have your own equipment:

Beginner to Level 2 (A full 6 days*) £460.00 using own equipment

Full Beginner to ParaPro 3 level combined course (13 days*) £725.00 using own equipment

**The middle Saturday is a non flying changeover day.

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Our top landing sites are large and safe

When you are completing your training, the optional top landings can be a bit daunting for many pilots. We do have some excellent top landing sites that are both large and safe for this task to be completed with confidence.

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Moving onwards and upwards

Once the tasks are completed and a few hours are gained most pilots want to reach cloudbase and fly thermals. If there is a better place to learn to fly thermals and go XC I have yet to find it. You can learn to thermal and fly XC under expert guidance which will fast track your progress.