Paragliding Exploration in the Tien Shan Mountains

High altitude thermalling, XC flying and exploration are the main ingredients of this paragliding adventure trip to the Celestial Mountains of Central Asia.

If you have a yearning to explore some of the lesser known regions of the world with your paraglider, this could be the trip for you.The Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia offer an opportunity to explore new flying areas, thermal and fly XC in places that are very definitely "off the beaten track". This trip is aimed at paraglider pilots with CP plus 20 hours minimum experience, with a serious taste for adventure, who are wanting a lot more than their local flying site can give them.

Paragliding Tien Shan

Until quite recently the whole Tien Shan range has been an area impossible to visit for mostly political reasons. The fall of the Soviet Union has opened out a magical playground, similar in some respects to New Zealand in terms of adventure sport possibilities. Still largely undiscovered, the Celestial mountains hold vast potential for Paraglider pilots with a sense of adventure.


This trip will be fully supported by 4x4 vehicles, kitchen/camp staff, interpreter, local guide and the trip will be led by an experienced British Paragliding Guide who knows the area and conditions well. We will travel to the flying areas by 4x4 and where possible will use those vehicles to access take off sites. It will be necessary to walk or ride on horseback to those points not reachable by 4x4 vehicles. The Tien Shan offer paraglider pilots all the excitement and challenge of high rugged mountain flying, whilst being largely based in green grassy pasture areas that offer excellent camping. Cloudbases in this area are typically 6000m to 7500m giving Himalayan style high altitude flying and daytime temperatures on the ground similar to those found in Alpine areas in Europe. We would expect to fly each day apart from travelling days and to thermal or fly X-Country as the conditions allow. All necessary permits and visa invitations will be provided by our agents in Kyrgyzstan, as will the on the ground support arrangements. (You do however need to arrange your own visa if required for your country of origin - British and most European passport holders do not require a visa but you should make your own enquiries). We shall be camping for most of the time whilst away from towns and hope to have the opportunity of staying in native yurts (a dome shaped shelter favoured by the nomadic Kyrgyz horseman) for part of the time.


05 - 14 August 2019


Cost £1695.00lub Pilot Course Prices

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High camp Kyrgyzstan

Explore Central Asia

Realistically this is a trip for people with a genuine taste for adventure. If you are looking for a nice holiday where the plumbing all works and things always run like clockwork then you might want to think again. This is Central Asia where things have seemingly only changed slightly since Genghis Khan was in residence. The upside is the chance to do something that is really exploratory in a place that few will ever go.


Dare to be great


Someone once said that you never truly regret the things you do, only the things you never did. Life is a one time shot, if you fancy your chances or want more information drop us an email.