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Equipment Sales

Alpine Paragliding are not tied to any particular manufacturer and can therefore offer clients unbiased advice over which wing would be best for them. We deal with all the major manufacturers and suppliers and are normally happy to accept a part exchange - Contact us to chat about your next wing.

***Learn to fly Package £4599.00***

For an all in price of £4599.00 you choose one item from each section to build your ideal package - you can save well over £500.00 on the UK RRP - do the maths yourself to see how much cash you save. We are happy to discuss with you the best option for your weight and intended use.


Choose any standard wing suitable for a beginner from these major manufacturers.

Gin Gliders, BGD, Ozone, Independence, Nova, Swing.


Choose any standard Harness suitable for low air time pilot (not including cacoon pod type).

Gin Gliders, Charly, Supair.

Reserve parachute

Choose any standard Reserve Parachute suitable for your harness.

Normally Gin OneG or Charly, the main producers.


Choose any standard open or full face from Lazer.

You get all that Plus your 13 day basic training which normally costs 845.00 Pounds alone.