Please Note that due to rapidly increasing covid cases in France we are unable to offer dates until mid 2022 at the earliest.

Paragliding Trips and Expeditions

  • Paragliding training France

    Paragliding Training and Guiding in France

    International clients, is weather frustrating your efforts to get through the Pilot Rating System? We know we have the right answer to beat the Northern European weather. You can fast track improvements to your paragliding skill abroad, join us on one of our regular trips here in the sunny Alpes de Haute Provence, France. Weather conditions are normally excellent for paragliding and you can expect to return home with many hours of airtime and with the right skills to paraglide safely and with confidence at club level in your home country regardless of whether you are BHPA, USHPA, SAHPA, HGFA, KNVVL etc.

  • Thermalling Alps

    Thermalling and XC Trips and Holidays

    Thermalling and XC paragliding trips to France and holidays abroad with British Alpine experts with years of experience flying the more testing alpine conditions. Pilots find they progress rapidly with help and guidance in a safe friendly environment. It makes good sense to learn thermalling and XC flying in the Alpes de Haute Provence where XC conditions are the norm and cloudbases of between 3000 and 4600m are common. Fast track your way to thermalling and XC confidence in the French Alps

  • Himalayan paragliding

    Paragliding Trips and Expeditions to Nepal, Tien Shan and South Africa

    We were one of the early pioneers of Himalayan Paragliding having run trips to Nepal and Tibet as early as 1991. Since then we have become probably one of Europe's most experienced paragliding expedition organiser, Nepal, Tibet, Mexico, South America, South Africa and the Tien Shan are the destinations we specialise in. This year we are running Kyrgyzstan and South Africa trips for those with a taste for real adventure

Inspiring adventurous Paragliding


Paragliding - pushing the limit of the possible

Learning to fly a paraglider can be to some, a life changing experience. Clients fly with us from all over the English speaking world and many have found a new imputus to travel to far away places with their wing and explore the wild places of the world from the air. We are there to help and guide you to the possibilities.


Alpine Paragliding are not tied to any specific manufacturer and can consequently offer free and unbiased advice based on what is the best equipment for the clients skill level - no other factors influence our advice. Phone or email for a specific quote on your new wing/harness/reserve etc and we will surprise you with a deal you have to go with. We welcome English speaking international clients so if you are BHPA, SAHPA, USHPA or with any other national Association you will find a warm welcome and some of the best flying in the world here with us on one of our trips to France

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