BHPA Paragliding courses in France

Learning to Paraglide in the UK can be a slow business due to difficult weather conditions and busy sites. In the sunny south of France good flying conditions are the norm and you can progress through the Pilot rating system in a warm safe environment. We are based in Provence which is ideally suited for thermalling and XC flying - our local flying site had hosted world Championship level competitions.

Note - The EP and CP can also be completed as a combined 13 day course**

EP Elimentary Pilot Beginner Course Click for full information

The first stage of your EP (Elementary Pilot) Paragliding course is completed on a lovely sloping alpine meadow which enables you to work progressively higher up the slope as your ability and confidence grow. Your first flights will be only about 1m or so above the ground but by the end of the course you can expect to be completing flights up to 2-300m.

CP Club Pilot Course Click for full information

This paragliding course can either follow on from, or be completed at a different time to the EP. You can expect to progress rapidly to BHPA Club Pilot rating here due to a combination of normally ideal flying weather and a student/instructor ratio seldom more than 5:1. The training package is completed utilizing real-time radio instruction/control techniques and video debriefing is used as required.

Thermalling Courses Click for full information

Provence is probably the best area in Europe for thermal flying. The French National centre's for both paragliding and Gliding are in our immediate area - Why? Fantastic flying conditions is the simple reason. We fly thermals daily with cloudbases typically 3000m to 4500m, an ideal place to learn to thermal and fly XC.

XC Courses Click for full information

For more experienced Pilots we offer courses aimed at maximising your ability to fly distance, use thermals effectively and handle rougher air.

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Paragliding course

Learning to fly at your pace.

Learning to fly at your pace is achieved by keeping class sizes to a sensible level. We see personalized instruction as an important part of our courses and we take the time to ensure that you are comfortable with your rate of progress.