Alpine Flying - Chamonix

Advanced Alpine Paragliding - Chamonix

This trip/holiday is aimed at pilots with at least 15 hours airtime. We will be flying the high alpine take offs around the Chamonix Valley. Much of the flying in this region involves some degree of overflying glaciated areas which can be exacting. Thermic conditions can often be robust and altitude gains considerable.

The Chamonix valley has a number of excellent take off areas many of which we will use depending on conditions. We expect to give participants the chance to fly the Planpraz, Grands-Montets, Brevent, Plan du Midi and hopefully the Aiguille du Midi, one of the world's most spectacular take off sites giving nearly a 9000 ft top to bottom. The Midi launch area is exacting to the North and fairly straightforward to the South. The flight down the Valley Blanche from the South launch is over glaciers and cravasses returning to the Chamonix valley via the Mer du Glace. We will be using the telepherique (cable car) system to speed our access to the good flying sites so there are no significant walk ups to do.


We have chosen Chamonix as the venue for this trip mainly because of the fantastic flying potential of the area. Evening entertainment however is also a factor and Chamonix does not disappoint. Great restaurants and bars, fast food and cocktails some offering half price "happy hour" which seem to last several hours in fact, ensure a good night out after the busy flying day.


There are plenty of options available in Chamonix ranging from camp sites near to the centre of town to top quality hotels and just about every grade of accommodation in between. We can supply a list of good reasonable accommodation to anyone interested.


07 September - 11 September 2020


£495.00 - excludes accommodation and uplift cable cars.lub Pilot Course Prices

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Paragliding Chamonix

Advanced Paragliding - Chamonix

You can expand your current experience to a whole new level. High alpine flying is quite unlike what you may be used to and it does take time to understand the differences that make the experience unique. We give you an in depth understanding of both flying and weather conditions so that you can more safely fly the high alpine sites of Europe


Overcoming the fear element


Have you ever stood on take off ready to fly but were uncertain about conditions, wind higher up, safety in general? It's a feeling most of us have had at one time or another. Understanding and knowledge are the keys to drive away that uncertainty and we provide you with the tools to assess all of the factors before your flight.




Alpine Paragliding

Alpine Paragliding.

Chamonix Mont Blanc has long been associated with extreme sports and summer or winter it is very much a Mecca for adventure seekers. Paragliders and Speedriders are enjoying the spectacular surroundings to practice their sport. The main take off area is the Plan Praz underneath the Brevent. Other take offs include Plan du Midi and Aiguille du Midi, Grands-Montets and the Flegere, all served by uplift facilities.