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Alpine Paragliding are the UK's most experienced paragliding trip and expedition operator. We were the first to offer remote area paragliding back in 1989 and have been organising trips and expeditions to the worlds top flying areas and mountain ranges since then. We consider our trips to be quite specialised, preferring to concentrate on providing our clients with expert and in depth knowledge of a limited number of outstanding paragliding destinations

We pursue a policy of constant revue of existing trips, and you can be sure that before any new trip makes it on to our schedule, it has been thoroughly researched and reconnoitered. This process ensures that our clients, can enjoy the experience fully, and without worry. Our average group size is 4 - 6 people, deliberately small to minimize the impact on often fragile mountain environments. We believe in, and fully support the international stand on environmental pollution and all our trips comply with the agreed guidelines.


Our ever popular Nepal trip is scheduled for November, a period in Nepal that coincides with the clearest conditions and most manageable thermic strength - expect the views to be stunning with warm clear days and cold nights. Don't worry, our Sherpa staff will make your visit memorable.


Chamonix is the venue for our regular Advanced Alpine Flying Course. Aimed at pilots CP + 15 hours minimum, we aim to give participants the experience they need to fly glaciated alpine areas safely. We will fly several sites around the valley including Planpraz, Grands-Montets and the fantastic Aiguille du Midi. More...


If Nepal doesn't appeal try central Asia where August sees us breaking new ground in Kyrgyzstans Tien Shan. 4X4 vehicles and occasionally, horses makes this trip slightly less strenuous - but as always, adventure flying is top of the agenda on all our remote area trip. More...


Wilderness on the garden Route, one of the most beautiful flying areas in South Africa is our destination. This trip is aimed at lower airtime CP pilots wishing to build their hours in a sunny warm environment whilst Europe's wet and windy winter makes meaningful progress impossible.


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South Africa

Easy safe take-off areas, smooth air and spectacular flying all go to make this trip one of the all time favourite winter destinations for European pilots with escape on their mind.

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Flying the greater ranges

The great mountain ranges of the world are only just being discovered by paraglider pilots. From the Andes of South America to the remote Tien Shan (Celestial) mountains of central Asia ther is are adventures to be found by anyone with the willingness to actually go there. Our expertise has been built over decades of running trips to the wild high places of the world - why not join us for the adventure of a lifetime?



Paragliding course

A walk on the wild side.

So you have flown in Scotland, been to the Alps, done the Spain thing and had food poisoning in Marocco, so what next. Expedition paragliding is not for everyone, it can be tough, it can occasionally be scary but it is always rewarding. Whatever your experience we have a trip that will take you through to the next level.


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